Press Review

- Hack Things (Apr-10-2013): UDOO Might Eat Raspberry Pi for Lunch - Android World (Apr-11-2013): UDOO: la board con Android (e Linux) che mescola Raspberry Pi e Arduino - PhoneArena (Apr-11-2013): UDOO Android/Linux box conquers Kickstarter, bridges the gap between Arduino and Raspberry Pi - CNX-software (Apr-12-2013): UDOO Single Board Computer Features Freescale i.MX6 Dual/Quad and Atmel SAM3 MCU - Liliputing (Apr-12-2013): UDOO: $109 single-board computer is like an Arduino crossed with a Raspberry Pi - Maker Faire Rome (Apr-12-2013): Che cos’è Udoo e perché ha già vinto su Kickstarter - Make (Apr-13-2013): What to do with the UDOO? - Ars Technica (Apr-15-2013): Power of Arduino and Raspberry Pi combined in $99 Android/Linux PC - Geeky Gadgets (Apr-15-2013): UDOO Mini PC Single Board Android, Linux, Arduino System Unveiled (video) - Hack Things (Apr-15-2013): Interview With Kickstarter Success, UDOO - DIYdrones (Apr-16-2013): UDOO - Quad Core A9, Arduino Due DIY Horsepower Maxxed Out - Gizmag (Apr-16-2013): Udoo mini computer combines best of Arduino and Raspberry Pi - Hardware (Apr-16-2013): Ny knøtte-PC har fire ganger kraften til Raspberry Pi - Habrahabr (Apr-17-2013): Компания UDOO запустила кампанию наУбийца Raspberry Pi - Tom's Hardware (Apr-17-2013): UDOO è il progetto italiano che fonde Rasperry Pi e Arduino - Geekdad (Apr-19-2013): Kickstarter Alert: UDOO Development Board - CNN (Apr-23-2013): Raspberry Pi + Arduino = $100 super PC - Into Mobile (Apr-25-2013): UDOO is a hackable single-board computer with Android, Linux and Arduino - Ece (Apr-26-2013): Sinopoli Plays Role in Bringing New Technology to Market - GCN (Apr-26-2013): Can $100 UDOO computer trump the Raspberry Pi?