Udoo Quad/Dual/Neo Library 2.0

What is it? To start off if you were/are like me, I started off thinking the Udoo was this awesome thing that I could easily access the Linux side with a library, yet I got disappointed because I had to handle the Serial comm and It got really annoying, the more I messed around with it the more i felt like the Udoo was 2 micro-controllers/processors drifting apart, So I tried looked online and didn't find anything, for a library that handled the serial line.

Then I decided to make one! Now? I have created a library for the Udoo that allows the Use of the multi threaded Imx6 to work with the single threaded Sam3x, Imagine the Linux side communications as a Library that just gets slapped on into Arduino IDE!! That's exactly what this is All you have to do is run a python script on one side, and the Serial comm/Networking/Storage/Audio Threads are handled for you, well on the other side there are many functions to call those threads on the Linux side. Which are simple to use for anyone.

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