UDOO Neo Automated Hematoogy Laboratory Tubes Unscramble

The idea for this project was born as a resolution of a real problem that occurred in a laboratory of Hematology at Siena. In such place, laboratory workers must analyze the liquid contained inside the tubes coming from the Hospital belonging to various patients. Before the scan operation, these tubes should be placed within a tube rack in a very specific order, depending on the code shown on the tube itself. This operation is done manually by laboratory technicians who, when they get a test tube, should read the code above it and place it inside the correct hole. This mechanism can lead to a significant waste of time if you consider the fact that the tubes do not arrive in order (ascending or descending), plus the ability to commit errors in positioning. Since this issue came up, we had the idea of creating a semi-automatic mechanism of positioning the tubes in the tube rack: the user must only read the code on the same via a barcode reader and the mechanism will automatically place the test tube into the correct position.

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Software apps and online services:
Arduino IDE
Altium Designer 16
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
LPKF E34 ProtoMat